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Facing Indexing Issues? Report it to Google

Google recently made an announcement on Twitter about indexing issues. They stated that if anyone living in the U.S. is experiencing any index issues they can’t resolve, Google has opened a new channel through which one can report directly to the Google search team. In order to report any indexing issue, you will need to have a verified Search Console account where you can access the ‘Report an Indexing Issue’ button. This button is located in the footer of the URL inspection help document and Index Coverage help document.


This new feature is beneficial for anyone in need of further assistance with indexing issues beyond the extent of Google Community forums and support documents.


Here’s what Google has to say about their new Indexing Issues feature:


“The form collects issues raised by site owners when trying to fix indexing issues with their site in Google Search. A verified Search Console account is a prerequisite for site owners to report issues. Please visit the Google Search Central Help Community for general queries on How Search Works and to improve your sites visibility in Google Search.”


indexing issues


Prior to submitting any issue directly to Google, you will be taken through a step-by-step process to assist you in debugging the indexing issue from your end.


After exhausting all possible avenues to resolve your issue, you now have one final option to resort to. We have learned time and time again that the issue is really with Google and not with you. Now you have the chance to tell them this directly when this is the case!


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