E-Commerce Must Haves To Rank Higher

Your E-commerce customers are shopping online and if you want to win their business then you need to be ahead of the competition. We’ve listed the most important SEO features your site can’t afford to ignore. 


SEO Features You Have To Have For E-Commerce: 

Shorter URL’s

Make sure your URL structure is short and uses primary keywords related to your product. Setting this structure will help generate a high click-through rate. Let’s have a look at the two links below and compare.

The second link is clearly better for your SEO performance. It’s short, keyword rich and easy to share. Google will consider this a much better URL and improve your ranking. 


Optimize Your Title Tags

Including product keywords into your E-Commerce store like brand name, part name, color, size, etc. It should be easy to understand for your potential buyers. Take a look at the image below. It shows all the important products details and is specific. 


Your title tag directly affects your search ranking so be sure to pre-plan your product category and add pages to your site. 


Google Reviews 

Having reviews that will influence your audience can be a game-changer. Every customer checks reviews these days before making the decision to purchase. Learn about Google’s Review Guidelines here.


Mobile-Friendly Pages 

The majority of customers use their smartphones to shop. This makes it crucial for your site to have a mobile-specific design or Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to ensure you’re not losing out on business. Here at Advent, we offer a free SEO Audit tool to help detect any issues. 


Unique Product Description & Images

Online retailers need to make it a habit of creating their own product images and description. Google and other search engines can easily detect duplicate content which can hurt you from being seen at the top of search results. Most companies will offer several product images from different angles so make sure to take advantage. Optimizing your images can lead to more traffic and sales.


Keyword Focus

Investing time in learning about your product and target customers can help ensure a profitable future. Go the extra mile by participating in online forums, joining a variety of groups. Follow this with optimizing keywords and creating an affective sales copy. Make it a routine to check for issues on your site and always looking for opportunities to improve. This will help your business to stay ahead of the competition.


Video Content

Providing videos for your audience is arguable the best way to communicate with your audience. If you plan your content strategically you can answer most questions and of course save reading time from your customers. Remember to optimize your videos and site in order to give the fastest and easiest experience for your users.


Q&A Section 

Adding either an FAQ or Q&A section allows your customers to be more informed and clear any doubts they may have. This can even speed up the purchasing process for the customer. 


Fast Loading Site 

A Study shows that for every second delay in page responsiveness, conversions can suffer by 7%. Fast loading pages will naturally rank higher. 


Longer Snippets!

With Google’s recent updates there is no longer any rule against how long metadata descriptions need to be. Having a well-written meta description helps users find the product information they are looking for easily.



Optimizing your e-commerce site to see big results doesn’t have to be complicated. Make sure to review the basics before moving on to more advanced features.

Are you looking to leave this area of work to the experts in the game? If so, reach out to us and we’ll get a strategy in place for you to win.