Google Reviews

Best Ways To Increase Google Reviews

Local businesses need to make it a priority to be found online and to maintain a positive reputation. Building a strong search presence puts you at all kinds of advantages from your competition and puts you in a position to attract new customers. Several strategies come into play when reaching for dominant search presence, but getting more Google reviews needs to be at the top of the list. 


Here’s Why 

Being a business owner means you know just how critical reviews can be to your success. Positive reviews and a positive reputation helps build trust with potential customers. Building trust will lead to them spending their hard earned money on your products and services. Since Google is the powerhouse search engine of the world then it’s more likely your future customers will be using Google to find you. 


Here Are The Best Strategies to Getting More Reviews: 


Ask Your Customers for Reviews 

Simply ask for a review and any other feedback from your satisfied customers. Whether it’s from an in person interaction, by email or a phone call just be sure to make it clear where and how to leave their response. 


Email Campaign 

Run a strategic email campaign with the purpose of getting reviews on Google. Email marketing is a powerful tool so make sure to take advantage when opportunities arise. Make sure to make the process as easy and efficient as possible for your customers. Providing a direct link can help optimize the number of reviews you get. Another suggestion is to target customers you know had a positive experience. This will help ensure more good reviews. 


Use Social Media 

Social media is without a doubt one of the most effective marketing tools today. Schedule posts to your audience asking for a review and don’t forget to add a direct Google link. 


Following Up

Don’t hesitate to follow up with customers you’ve already asked for a review for. Make sure to be clear why this is important and why you value their feedback. Don’t forget to add the direct Google review link and thank them for taking a few moments to leave a review. 


Link to Your Review Page in Your Email Signature 

Most email signatures will include website and social media links so why not add one for Google reviews? This creates a more organic experience for the customer and they’ll easily have the ability to leave a review after a positive experience without you even asking them. 


Leave a Call To Action On Your Site 

Similarly to your email signature you can easily leave a call to action on the footer of your site. You can add multiple options throughout your site to leave reviews and this will help drive up the chances of customers leaving a review. For example, dedicating an entire page that links to your Google review page. This also boosts the number of reviews to be organic. 


Optimize Your Google My Business Profile 

Make it a monthly routine to check up on your Google My Business Listing and make sure it’s consistently optimized. This is crucial for your customers and plays a factor in Google rankings. Be sure all of your business information is up to date and share relevant photos. 


Use Review Generating Tools 

There are tools out there to help make this process more efficient. Here at Advent we offer a reputation management tool that allows you to take control of your online brand easily. You can learn more about it here. 


Increase In Google Reviews Will Help Grow Your Business

Customers take into consideration the reviews that are said about a business online so it’s important to build trust through this avenue. Businesses with more positive reviews will outperform their competition. Stay consistent in monitoring, replying and engaging with your reviews. This process is taken into consideration when evaluating your SEO score so do your business the favor of making this a priority.